W3 WoodWorks was established to showcase the creative work of John Whiteman.

John grew up in the farmlands of western Michigan where, at an early age, he demonstrated an affinity towards hands-on activities. His first experience with a lathe was in high school when he used this tool to craft a new leg for a broken rocking chair. With a growing passion for 3D form and a keen interest in the functionality of things, John pursued a degree in Industrial Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. A few years after graduation, John’s career path veered off into the related field of precision model making.

In this new roll, John gained a greater understanding of various materials, finishing techniques, and planning processes utilizing technology to achieve desired results. However, he missed the excitement and challenge of taking an idea from concept to fruition through more tangible hands-on activities. During this period, he began attending evening classes at the local Bauhaus Apprenticeship Institute, a haven for woodworking enthusiasts. With his passion for working with wood growing, John ventured into woodturning on a small lathe in his basement, creating gifts for family and friends—pens, wine stoppers, and small bowls. He progressed to larger projects, intensifying his enjoyment of working with the inherent variables and unique imperfections in each chunk of raw, discarded wood and the ability to enhance these characteristics to form something beautiful and useful.

John Whiteman at work

While the site is under construction, with more work and functionality being added in the near future, please contact John at whitemanwoodoworks@gmail.com